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I'm Back! Here's Where I Went...

Welcome back, my friends! It's 2024, and I can't believe that DeBord Studios turns 7 years old this year. While the studio has been open since I started in 2017, unfortunately it's been in a very minor capacity for the past several years. Now, it feels a bit like coming back to a house that's been empty ....everything is still in its place, but it's dusty from disuse. It's sunny outside, but the curtains are drawn and everything is dark.

So let's begin to clean up the dust and let in some light! Today I wanted to share where I went, how things stand at this moment, and what to expect moving forward.

Let's start with where I went. Rewinding back to January of 2020, I hit 'publish' on my last blog post. I don't think any of us could imagine at that point what the world would look like a few months later, but life very quickly changed in some big ways and I (and the studio) hunkered down to weather the storm.

At the same time, my partner and I were also expecting a new addition to our family. If you have kids, you can relate to the chaos that comes with preparing for, and then having an infant in the house; if you have a kid who was born during the height of the pandemic, you might also relate to our struggle to survive all this chaos while in isolation. On top of this big life change, I was also diagnosed with PTSD. Soon after that, we moved house. As you might imagine, because of all these factors my partner and I were in survival mode long after the lockdowns lifted, and it is not an exaggeration to say that we were struggling just to get through daily life for a long time. Through this, I kept the studio functioning on a very base level; I kept my current music students, but didn't take on any more. I backed away from calligraphy classes and commissioned work. I covered the furniture and shut the curtains.

Thankfully, time moves ever onward, and life slowly began to change for the better. Now, we have a very happy and energetic three year old, and my mental health is much better these days. It feels like we have found our rhythm again, and all of this means that I finally have enough space to turn more of my attention back to the studio.

So, what now? Well firstly, I am a very different person from who I was back in January of 2020. The numerous life-changing experiences of the last few years have shifted my priorities and re-shaped my values. I have learned so much, and have grown in many ways. I understand myself much better than I did before, and I accept and love myself more for it.

So let's get re-acquainted! Let me tell you a bit about myself...

My name is Shannon, and I am a musician and calligrapher here in the Twin Cities. I'm still left-handed, and still proud of it! These days, you are much more likely to find me drinking a cup of tea than coffee, but nothing has changed in my love for sitting down to work with a warm beverage in hand and in a cozy cardigan. I am an organization nut (or genius, you decide!), the ultimate pen snob, and an avid dog-lover. When I'm not working, you can usually find me playing TTRPGs or video games, or I may be busy crocheting something cozy!

I still believe that both calligraphy and music inspire joy and peace in the every day -- and everyone needs these now more than ever! And I am passionate about sharing that joy with others who are looking for some joy of their own.

To that end, I am currently offering custom calligraphy services again. I love helping my clients tell their stories, and I am always inspired when I see how much written words can touch a person's heart! My books are officially open as of February 1, 2024, but I can only accept a limited amount of commissions right now. If you have a project in mind, don't wait! Head over to my contact page and let's set up a time to chat!

I also teach virtual private piano and flute lessons to all ages. I began teaching virtually during the pandemic, and I think it's the perfect way to add music lessons into a busy schedule! If you're curious, head over to my lessons page to find a package that's right for you. If you're wondering if learning music is really for you, please let me tell you this: I've been teaching privately for over 10 years, and in all that time I have heard tons of people tell me about their regret for not learning music. But I have never had anyone tell me that they regret any time they did spend taking lessons, no matter the age!

Finally, let's look at what's next. I used to teach calligraphy classes, and I miss them! I'm hoping to bring these classes back in a fresh new way soon, so keep an eye out. (Don't want to have to remember to check back here for updates? Subscribe to my email newsletter, and I'll let you know when new classes arrive!)

I've also made requesting custom calligraphy projects easier! When you're ready to talk about a project you have in mind, you can schedule a free consultation call with me as a first step, so that we can chat live about what you have in mind! One of my favorite parts of custom work is getting to know my clients, and being able to chat live as a first step is a great way for us to get acquainted. Additionally, it gives us a chance to really dive into the details for your project, and I can get a good sense of the vision you have for the finished piece as well as guide you through some key starting points if it's helpful.

On top of all this, as I said, I'm busy dusting off the furniture and opening the windows here at the studio, and I'm going to be continuing to clean things up moving forward. You might see that DeBord Studios has a new look. You might notice a few other changes here and there. And if you do, then I hope you'll stick around to see that the studio hasn't changed in providing quality content and inspiration in an honest and safe environment where everyone is welcome.

So welcome back, my friends! I'd love to hear what you are most interested in seeing my post in the next few months. Drop a comment below, or shoot me an email and tell me how I can bring you some joy! Until next time, peace and love.


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