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Private Music Lessons

Flute  |   Piano

Virtual | In-Person


Are you looking to learn music in a low-pressure environment?  Do you have a particular focus you are interested in (i.e. learning a specific song or style) ?  Do you have memories of hating music lessons because there was so much focus on logging your practice and a rigid lesson structure? 

If the answer to any of these is yes, than I want to work with you!  My biggest goal as a teacher is to encourage a continuing passion for music, while teaching a solid foundation of skills and concepts to continually improve my students' abilities.  I never want our time together to feel like a chore.  


We won't discuss the amount you practice every week; instead, we will learn good practice skills to help us use our practice time well.  We will structure lessons around what makes you the most excited, and focus on having fun while we learn and improve.


If you like my style and think I might be a great fit for you or your student, then let's chat!  You can get in touch with any questions you may have, or schedule your free trial lesson on my contact page.

Lesson Packages


Weekly Lessons

The most traditional lesson structure for a reason!  Weekly lessons are a great place to start, because they allow us to build on continuing concepts from one lesson to another, with some time to practice in between.  


30 min or 60 min lessons available, paid at the beginning of each month.


Bi-Weekly Lessons

A more flexible option for busy families or adults.  We will meet once every two weeks for an extended time.  


60 or 90 minute lessons available, paid at the beginning of each month.


Lessons on Demand

The perfect fit for advanced students or adults.  With this structure, you won't have any scheduled lessons on the calendar.  Instead, you can reach out when you would like to set up a lesson, and we will confirm a day and time. ​ We may not meet for a while, or we may see each other several times in a couple of weeks, the schedule is up to you!  If you have a big audition or performance coming up, or just want to give music lessons a try before committing, this is a great option. ​ Lessons purchased in packages of 4, to be scheduled as needed.

What My Students Say


Kristin K.

"Shannon was able to impart her enthusiasm and love of playing the piano onto my son.  She listened to my son's ideas about what he wanted to learn next, and incorporated those into her lesson, all while still being sure to instruct him in the basic concepts. Her consistent positivity and encouragement were very apparent."
30 min lessons ---- $35  |  60 min lessons ---- $65  |  90 min lessons ---- $95


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