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"Music Can Change the World."
- Beethoven


I teach piano and flute lessons for all ages, and offer a variety of lesson structures to fit your needs.


Find out what to expect once you book your free trial lesson.


Get to know Shannon and what makes taking lessons with her unique.

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Meet Shannon


I am a classically trained flutist and vocalist, with over 12 years' experience teaching private music lessons.  I have a passion for music and love to share that passion with my students.

I hold a Bachelor's in Music and have performed with a variety of chamber groups, orchestras, wind bands, flute choirs, and pit orchestras.   Most notably, I co-directed the Rocky Mountain Flute Choir, a 25+ member flute choir , as well as served as principle flutist of the Castle Rock Orchestra for two seasons before moving to Minnesota.   

My favorite aspect of music is exploring expression in playing.  There is a world of difference between a flawless mechanical performance and a heartfelt performance from the soul!  I love introducing the concept of musicality to my students, and watching their creativity shine as they explore their own interpretations of the pieces they play.

My favorite performance was as the principal flutist in the pit orchestra for a high school musical theater group for two seasons.  Theater music is so much fun, and I loved coaching the high school flutists who join the pit orchestra.  We had a wonderful group, and had a great time together!

Download my musical resume here:

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