My name is Shannon, and I’m a left-handed, Harry Potter loving musician and calligrapher.  Most days you can find me sipping some iced coffee and listening to music as I organize my planner and get down to work!  I’m a Midwest girl born and raised, and I live in St Paul, Minnesota with my wonderful husband and our spoiled little beagle named Seamus (as in Finnigan).  When I’m not working, you can usually find me in the backyard reading in my hammock, or out on a lake somewhere.


I hold a BA in music, and I am member of the IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting).  Most recently, I performed with and co-directed the Rocky Mountain Flute Choir in Denver, as well as serve as principle flautist with the Castle Rock Orchestra in Castle Rock, Colorado.  After moving back to the Twin Cities, I joined the Bethel Philharmonic Orchestra in 2019 as their piccoloist.


I began DeBord Studios in 2015, hoping to share my passion, knowledge, and experience in the arts with my community, and to encourage that same passion in others.

DeBord Studios is about making my small corner of the world a more joyful place for those around me.  It's about sharing my deep passion for art and music with those who want to learn.  It's about giving back to my community, sparking joy and passion in a new generation of artists, telling people's most precious stories, and bringing life to treasured words with a bit of ink and paper.  It's about spreading awareness of traditional art forms that don't get the attention they deserve.  It's about creating a safe space to learn new hobbies, polish skills, and take joy in what we choose to do with our time.  


This is my story, but it's also the story of everyone around me, those in my local community and in my online community.  My studio doesn't belong to me (at least I hope it doesn't) - it belongs to everyone who interacts with it.  

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