What No One Will Tell You About the Importance of Handwriting (And How to Improve Yours!)

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

With all this focus on typing and computers, the art of handwriting legibly and neatly has gained the reputation of being "outdated". Kids are ushered past cursive writing in favor of typing classes. We keep our loved ones updated with social media posts rather than sending snail-mail. The only thing we write anymore are grocery and to-do lists......and there are several apps to help us avoid writing even that!

But here's the truth: no matter how technologically advance we get, we will always need good handwriting skills. Now, I know you think I'm biased because I'm a calligrapher; handlettering is my business after all! But let's consider the following:

We are more connected with writing than with typing. For example, studies show that students who hand-write notes in class tend to retain more information and have a better understanding of the concepts discussed.* I personally find writing my appointments and tasks in a paper planner helps me remember and stay focused on them throughout the day. In comparison, I nearly always forget things that are added to our family's digital cloud calendar, and it's only the reminders that pop up on my phone that save me from missing them entirely. There is a physicality to writing that our brains respond to positively, and which typing lacks.

We can type as fast as we think....and that's not always a good thing. Our brains are firing and processing at lightning speed, and on the surface it seems like a good thing to be able to keep up with it as we type. But in reality, it actually impacts our communication in a negative way. As anyone trying to write a paper, blog post, or story will tell you, typing quickly encourages us to edit as we go along and which makes it difficult to maintain a natural flow as we write a rough draft. (I do this all the time! I'm even doing this as I type this post...it's hard to stop!) Typing at lightening speed also increase the chance for errors and incorrect grammar...and if you're like me, you don't need any help making spelling errors haha!

Handwriting is a unique expression of oneself. That sounds really cheesy, but it's true. Every person's handwriting is unique, and having neat, legible handwriting can increase your confidence and make a beautiful statement about who you are. It helps you to share your personality with others, and show your appreciation for them. Think about it -- when we take time to write a hand-written note for someone, it makes them feel special. It's a way of showing that hey, I appreciate you enough to take time out of my busy schedule to thoughtfully write to you.

I think the evidence speaks for itself: handwriting is (and always will be) an important skill to have in your back pocket! No matter how much technology evolves, there will always be occasions when we are required to write - from school tests, to filling out forms, to signing contracts, or even jotting a memo for a colleague. Taking the time to learn how to write legibly and fluidly will relieve stress and free up our brains to focus on higher-level thoughts in these situations.

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*for more information, click here and here

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