3 Things That Make Me Different (and why I might be a perfect fit for you!)

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Everyone's got their own version of weird, don't you agree? We all have those quirks that make each of us a one-of-a-kind human being. These bits of my personality also bleed into my work, and can make me the perfect fit for one person's needs, or the worst fit for another person's project.

This is why -- despite being an introvert with severe hermit-like tendencies -- I put a lot of effort into sharing my personality and getting to know my prospective clients! I want to make sure that you get the BEST experience possible, and if I'm not the right person to give that to you I want to be able to let you know asap. Likewise, if I think we'll work great together I want to find how we can connect and build a relationship early on in the process! So today, I'm focusing on 3 big things that make me who I am....and why that might make me the perfect fit for your next project!

1. I am passionate about the traditional side of calligraphy.

One of the biggest reasons I fell in love with calligraphy almost immediately is the history and traditions with this art form. Calligraphy has been around for nearly as long as the written word has existed, and there are some truly beautiful and wonderful things in its

past that we can keep alive in the modern world. Traditional egg tempera ink, cutting your own quills, and the art of illumination are just a few extended techniques and practices on my bucket list of things I want to learn!

I spent my first few years learning traditional scripts, and the proper techniques for each type of lettering. I gained an understanding of not only HOW to create beautiful lettering, but also the WHY behind technique and traditional styles. I love to learn the history behind scripts, and why the developed into the forms they did. While I also enjoy "breaking the rules" to create modern versions of traditional scripts, I have a deep respect and appreciation for the traditional scripts, and spend most of my time working with them to improve my mastery!

Bottom Line: If you love the old-world look of traditional calligraphy, then my style might be a good fit for your next project!

2. For me, Calligraphy is a celebration of words.

Here's a secret: I have always loved words. Long before I knew about calligraphy, I spent hours writing stories, poems, and plays in my free time. I enjoyed the feeling of painting a picture and telling a story with words. I loved the feel of my fountain pen on the paper as I created my stories.

When I discovered calligraphy, it seemed to me to be the perfect combination of writing and art. Here was a visually beautiful thing that was based on beautiful words and precious ideas.

As I've grown, this founding idea has continued in my work. I approach projects from a story perspective: what memory or sentiment are we trying to capture? My favorite part of any project is adding elements that tell your story: a nature-inspired flourish; a design emphasis on a word or words that are the focus of the piece; or incorporating colors that reflect how these words make you feel.

Bottom Line: If you're looking to tell a story or capture a memory, then my approach might be a perfect fit for your project!

3. I love nerd pop culture (especially Harry Potter!), books (especially Harry Potter!), Jesus, and baking.

This may not seem calligraphy-related, but it can have a big impact on your experience. Most people prefer to work with someone that they can connect with. If you share any of these four interests, then we're sure to make a connection and the

experience will be much more fun and relaxed!

And the best part is, we don't have to wait until you order something in order to connect! I don't use the word "love" lightly....these four things are what 90% of my free time revolves around haha. If you enjoy any of these too, I would love to chat with you about it! I could talk about any of these subjects for AGES....and my personality type happens to be INFJ, which means that I absolutely love deep conversations. Deep conversations + any of these 4 = instant new friendship!

Bottom Line: If you share any of these interests, let's chat! I love making new friends, no project required!

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