You're Learning Calligraphy...Now What?

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Incorporating Your Calligraphy into Every Day Life

My biggest fear as a teacher is that the most excited students will leave our class time together happy and ready to continue practicing...and then life will get in the way, and they'll never pick up a dip pen again.

While many of my students are looking to try something new without a commitment, many more come into class with hopes of addressing wedding invitations, sending homemade cards, and even adding decorative lettering to baked goods!

The hardest thing is finding dedicated time to practice...and if time is the barrier, why not forget about dedicated practice time all together, and practice in our every day lives?? If you're looking to use those new lettering skills and keep practicing, here are some ways to incorporate calligraphy into your every day life!

Ideas for Incorporating Calligraphy into Every Day Life

  • hand-letter gift tags for birthdays/holidays

  • send homemade cards for special occasions

  • write a letter to a friend or family member

  • buy a decorative chalk board, and letter seasonal sentiments

  • use calligraphy in your planner (headings, decorations, etc)

  • letter some motivational quotes, and hang on your bathroom mirror

  • create name place cards for holiday meals

  • add calligraphy to outgoing envelopes

  • paint a faux calligraphy decor wood sign

  • write a love note to your significant other

  • if you have a heat embosser, add embossed calligraphy for decoration!

  • hand-letter each month of the year and create a calendar

  • use calligraphy instead of carving to decorate your fall/halloween pumpkin

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