5 Things I Want My Clients to Know

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

I love my clients. Every person I've worked with has been wonderful, and I am always so excited to collaborate with them to bring their vision to life with some ink and paper. But sadly, there are so many things going on throughout the process, that we rarely get to discuss everything I'd like to before the project is over! While I try to makes sure to get everything important into our conversations, when the piece is finished and mailed off, I always feel like I didn't get get to say everything I wanted to.

So, here are the top 5 things I want all my clients to know, but don't always get a chance to tell them!

1. I am so incredibly grateful for you.

There is nothing more important for my clients to know than this. I truly love and deeply appreciate everyone who supports my business, and my clients have a special place in my heart. I'm also incredibly honored that you trust me with your most precious words and stories, and believe in me to make those words into something uniquely beautiful and meaningful for you. I don't take that trust lightly, and will do everything in my power to have you walk away smiling!

2. My top priority is to make something you absolutely love

My number one goal in working together is to make sure that when our project is complete you take home something that you will treasure for a long time. My entire process for custom work is built around making sure that I hear your story, understand your vision for the piece (or help you find it!), and execute it just like you see it in your mind. I love helping to bring your ideas to life!

Calligraphy is a part of my soul. I love paper, ink, and the scritch-scratch of a nib as I letter. I love the beauty of the script on the page, and the graceful swirls of a flourish. My dearest hope is that when you receive your piece, you will feel that love in every word.

3. I ask a lot of questions, because you have a lot of options!

I ask a LOT of questions. I'm sure it's probably slightly annoying if you aren't familiar with the process, but there's a method to my madness, I promise!

First, I want to make sure I'm on the same page with you for your vision of this project. If I don't ask a lot of questions, I might have an entirely different idea of what this piece should look like, and then it would cost us time down the road to fix that. Questions up front mean that I can hone in on your ideas, offer suggestions if it's helpful, and ultimately create something that is exactly what you're looking for!

The other reason is because you have a LOT of options. Most people that I work with don't realize just how custom we can create things. Picked out your wedding colors and want your envelope addressing to match? No problem! Want your piece on black paper instead of white? Sure! Can we combine 2 scripts, or different sized lettering for emphasis? Yup! Want that flourishing done with a nature theme? How about adding a flourished Christmas wreath at the top? Want a watercolor wash background that matches your new nephew's baby blue eyes? Yes, we can do all of that! This is the most fun part of designing ... adding those details that make a piece truly unique. If it's not already included in your package, we can add it in. I want to make sure that you know that the sky's the limit for adding unique touches to your project!

4. I will do everything I can to make your experience awesome

My ultimate goal is for each and every client to walk away happy, with their expectations exceeded. To accomplish that, I try to be as transparent as possible throughout the process. I'm always available if you have questions or concerns. I will never create something without sending you a pencil sketch first, for your approval. I will offer suggestions and guidance if you want them, and we will always collaborate on your project's design together. I will always give you the best price possible. I won't ever take advantage of your trust, and I will do everything in my power to make magic happen behind-the-scenes. And through it all, I will try to make your part as easy and pain-free as possible!

And, if I succeed and you walk away satisfied, I'd love to know! If I don't succeed, I'd like to know that as well (all I ask is that you please be kind). If I exceeded your expectations, would you mind leaving a review, or sharing a testimony with me that I can share with future clients? Your experience matters to me!

5. I want to keep in touch

Just because we finished that project doesn't mean I want to say goodbye! I remember each and every one of my clients, and the piece(s) they've ordered. Remember #1, where I said I am so grateful for your support? Well, that appreciation doesn't disappear as soon as the transaction is completed! I want to send you a holiday card in December, or connect on Instagram. I'd love to wave at you from your inbox, and share all the latest happenings with you over email. I've shared in your special moment, written your words...and that means a lot to me.

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