Assembling the Bride Squad

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

She said yes to she's asking her girls to say yes to her!

Elane and her fiancé are busy planning their wedding, and a couple weeks ago she reached out to me and asked if we could design some notes for her bridesmaid gifts.

She was making a trip back home to ask her future bridesmaids to be in her wedding party. But she wasn't going to just ask her girls...she was going to make it a special moment for each of them.

First, she had gold and white boxes printed with each girl's initials. Then, she filled the boxes with small gifts and personal mementos. Finally, she and I designed notes asking "Will you be my bridesmaid?" as the final addition to the boxes, with a custom script to match the monogrammed boxes.

Her vision for this moment is so beautiful, and I can only imagine how special each of her bridesmaids felt when she received this gift. With her awesome vision and attention to detail, I can't wait to hear all about her wedding day because I can already tell it's going to be amazing!

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