What Shannon Teaches



All Ages * Beginning and Intermediate Students



All Ages * Beginning Students



All Ages * Beginning Students


General Music

For Children Ages 6 & Under

Traditional Weekly Lessons


The traditional private lesson structure you know and love!  Choose between 30-min or 50-min lessons, scheduled once per week on the same day/time.  Once you reserve your day and time, it’s yours for as long as you like.

Bi-Weekly Lessons

A twist on traditional weekly lessons, and a great option for busy families!  Instead of a weekly lesson, we will meet once each fortnight (every other week) for an extended lesson that lasts for double the time.  For example, if you choose bi-weekly 30-min lessons, we’ll meet every other week for 60 minutes.  We get the same amount of time spent together in lessons, but with a bit more flexibility for practicing in between.  Similar to weekly lessons, once you reserve your day/time/week rotation, it’s yours for as long as you like.

As-Needed Lessons

The perfect fit for advanced students or adults!  With this schedule, you won’t have any set lessons on the calendar.  Instead, you can call/email me to set up a lesson (or more) as-needed, i.e. if you have a big audition or performance coming up.  We may not meet for a while, and then we may see each other several times for a couple weeks, it’s entirely up to you!  Lessons must be scheduled around my existing schedule, and are subject to availability.

Virtual Lessons

Don’t live in Saint Paul?  No problem!  I offer virtual lessons via Skype or FaceTime, and we can work together from anywhere.  You can choose from any of the scheduling options listed above, and we will meet virtually on your desired day/time.  Students must have a webcam and strong internet connection for virtual lessons.


Private Lessons for Every Need



30-minute Lessons:  $30 per lesson

50-minute Lessons:  $45 per lesson