Potter Project Update!

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

I told you back in March to stay tuned as I embark on my dream project....and now I'm back with an exciting update!

It really is true that sometimes it just takes sharing your goals with someone to motivate you to start. I've been convincing myself that I "wasn't ready yet" or "didn't have all the skills I need" to begin on my book (which I have now nicknamed the Potter Project). But after sharing with you back in March about my long-harbored dream, I cleared my desk and started planning.

The first (and surprisingly difficult/emotional choice) was to choose which Harry Potter book I was going to work on. The first one? My favorite (Prisoner, of course), or maybe be kind to myself and pick the shortest one haha (Chamber)? I decided on Prisoner, because it's a project for myself and why not work on my favorite of the seven books?? But then, it just didn't sit right as I began moving forward with preparations....and so I placed it back on the shelf and let the book choose me (rather like a wand might), and POOF! Philosopher's Stone it is!

Feeling much better (because after all, the beginning is really the very best place to start), I got down to business making some other important decisions. How big did I want this to book to be? What script fits well with the mood of the story?

After that, I began to work on blocking out margins, choosing a script, testing lettering sizes, and making notes upon notes upon notes of measurements and layouts.

It was a painstaking process, and made for a pretty slow start....but once the heavy lifting was over and the notes were compiled, things started moving quickly!

I couldn't settle on a script that I felt suited the text, so I found some inspiration from Mike Kecsig online and developed my own script that's based on one of his pointed pen variations. I wrote out this hasty exemplar for reference (second time was the charm haha).

Then I tested out script sizes on the page...too big, then too small, then split the difference and it's juuuust right!

Finally, it was time to test out all my calculations and try a test page [Note: this would also make a great visual PSA for finding the center of the page before trying to center a title hahaha 😂]:

I was pleased with how everything looked, so it was time to start on the REAL THING. Was I ready?? I didn't feel like it, but I know from experience that starting is always the hardest part so I dove in anyways...

And so it begins....🙈

I'm so excited AND terrified at the same time haha. There's a LOT to do, and any number of ways to mess up each page and waste hours of work. But I'm taking it one baby step at a time, and I couldn't be more excited that my dream has started to become a reality!

So stay tuned for more updates on the Potter Project! I'm excited to start on this journey, and I hope you'll continue to join me as I keep moving forward!

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