A Behind the Scenes Look at My New Studio!

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

We've had a busy fall getting unpacked and settled in our new town and new home! While a lot of it is still in progress, my new studio has really started to take shape!

I can't tell you how excited I am to have a dedicated space in the house for work! My calligraphy supplies are accessible and organized, and I have my beautiful corner desk to tackle my to do lists, and it will be perfect for teaching private calligraphy lessons!

The most exciting part is getting my childhood piano back! My parents were very excited to get it out of the living room (it does take up quite a bit of space!), and I was more than happy to oblige. It's a beautiful upright Baldwin, and is in great shape. The action is pleasant and responsive, and it has a great sound.

Right now, everything's decorated for Christmas, and my new Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree is making it's debut! Everyone who spends any time with me knows that I'm a HUGE Harry Potter nerd, so it only makes sense to have a small themed tree in my studio! Of course, we only just started collecting ornaments for it, so it'll get much more spectacular as we build the collection in coming years haha. I'll admit, I'm WAY too excited for this....but it's the little things in life, right?

We also now have enough space to show off all our crazy instruments! J's family has a tradition of giving him a new type of instrument every year for Christmas, and the collection is now decorating my studio. Guys, we have some really cool instruments... I can't wait to share the fun with my new music students.

Of course, some of my calligraphy decorations made the journey with me as well, so I'll be adding those in to the decor soon! I love working in a space that inspires me and gives me joy, so I have all my momentos from classes with the likes of Peter Thornton, Kathy Milici, Anne Davnes (Elser) and Michael Sull! I also have some of my homemade decorations so I can surround myself with my favorite quotes and words of encouragement!

And the best part is...we're not finished yet! We're continuing to add finishing touches, picking out paint for the walls, and hopefully adding some curtains for the windows! Stay tuned right here over the next few months, and I'll keep you updated as the studio evolves and improves!

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