3 Secrets to Staying Organized

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Hello friends! It's been a long month, but we finally made it to Minnesota. We're so excited to be here! But our move isn't quite over yet....We're busy getting established in our new home city, and (the most exciting part) we're in the process of buying our first home!

With everything going on this summer (and continuing to work on my business through the whole process), I am so thankful for the organization I've built into my daily routine so I can keep track of everything! I've been asked a lot about how I stay organized in my business over the past couple years, so I thought today I'd share some of my favorite tips and tricks for keeping life organized!

First, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that the number one thing that helps me stay organized is my planner. I use this baby for EVERYTHING! I've tried a variety of planners over the years, but my current favorite is the Passion Planner. It's less expensive than some of it's counterparts, and I love all the space on the weekly and monthly layouts that allows me to customize how I use it!

My planner is home to appointments, to do lists, important info, meeting notes, bill/financial trackers, business ideas, memories (theatre tickets, birthday cards, etc), and goals. I enjoy making it pretty in small ways, but I'm definitely not part of the trendy planner community ... I need functionality over form. If you don't have a digital or paper planner in your life, I can't recommend enough to try it out. It takes some getting used to, and you may have to try different types/ways to use it to find your perfect solution...but in the end there's no better tool for an organized life.

Ok, onto my tips and tricks for staying organized! Here's the first one...

Take 15 min to plan ahead.

A few minutes at the beginning of the week can save you hours throughout! I love planning, and I'm at my most organized when I take time out of my Sunday night or Monday morning and plan out my week. I get a sense of where I need to be throughout the week, and what needs to get done. My husband and I can plan date nights and set aside that time in the calendar right away. I can "theme" my work days, or set aside time for specific tasks. Starting out the week with a plan is a great way to stay organized!

Write everything down and save your brain power for other things.

I have a notoriously poor memory for appointments and tasks. When I was younger, I used to think about paying bills every day up until the day I needed to pay them...and then forget. Now, I've learned to write EVERYTHING down (even if I don't think I need the reminder at the moment), so I don't have to continue to worry about it. This practice has made me feel so free of stress and worry, it's an amazing difference!

Even if you hate planners or calendars, have a notebook or your phone handy wherever you are to jot down things you need to remember. You'll be surprised how much more focused and present you are in your tasks, without the added worry of having to remember important things for later!!

Keep a clean workspace.

I'll be the first to admit - I'm not an extremely tidy person, especially when I'm working. I get in the moment of creating something, and everything gets feverishly pulled out to accomplish whatever I'm working on...and then I'm finished, and the mess remains.

Lately, I've designated 30 minutes every Monday morning to get in the studio and tidy up my workspaces to start the week. I feel so much more relaxed and find that I can focus easier when the clutter has been removed. I'm much more productive throughout the week, and being productive keeps me organized.

Bonus: Choose 3 tasks to accomplish each day.

Ok ok, I know I said 3 secrets...but this is too good not to share. Each day, I pick out 3 of the most important things on my to do list to accomplish that day. It doesn't matter if I have 10 things on my list, or 1...I always choose 3 things to accomplish. Sometimes I barely get them done...sometimes I get them done quickly and decide to work on more. Either way, if I get my 3 things done each day, I feel really good about what I accomplished, and it ensures that I stay organized and meet all the deadlines for my to dos.

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