Anyone Up For A Game Night?

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Fun fact about me for the month: one of my favorite things to do with friends is play board games! J and I regularly get together with friends to have a board game night, and whenever we visit family we always play lots of card and board games.

(Playing The Great Dalmuti! Notice all the good snacks are far away from us Peons haha)

With all this time spent playing games, we definitely have our favorites. In fact, we have strong enough feelings that we couldn't agree on our top we're EACH sharing our top 3 games to play (that we own)!

I'll go first -

1. The Great Dalmuti

This game is nearly as old as I am! We inherited it from my family, so I have fond memories of playing this as kid...and now I can add fond memories of playing this with friends as an adult. It's a card game based on taking tricks, but the uniquely hilarious part is that your seat (and rank) changes each round based on how well you play the game! Each round Great Dalmuti, who gets the worst player's best cards, makes decisions for the group, and gets to sit in the comfiest chair. There's also a Great Peon, who is in the most uncomfortable seat around the table, has to shuffle and deal each round, has to give up his best cards, and is ordered around by the higher-ranking players. You definitely have to be willing to play along with the characters to make this game fun, but it's well worth the effort!

2. Ultimate Werewolf

We rarely get to play this, because it's best with at least 10 people. But the rarity of chances to play doesn't change how much I love it. If you've ever played Mafia, then the concept will be familiar: the group is split into Villagers and Werewolves, and no one knows who is who. My favorite part of this game is there is a deck of 50 different TYPES of Villagers and Werewolves that you can add into the game as you want, in any combination. There's even an entire separate THIRD team (Vampires) and a couple lone-wolf -- pardon the pun there! - characters who are only out for themselves (aka Chupacabra). It's always so much fun to play this game, and no two games are alike. If you happen to be friends with some goofy people (*ahem* or married to one), this game gets downright riotous.

3. Bohnanza

"Bohn" is literally the German word for "bean"....this is a game where you are planting and harvesting fields of different types of BEANS. You could stop right there and it would be hilarious. But it keeps going - different beans are worth different amounts of money, and the end goal is to be the richest bean farmer of them all. Maybe I have a weird sense of humor, but this game cracks me up every time. It's quick to learn and tons of fun! See if you ever take beans for granted again.


Hey there, folks! Shannon's picks are definitely pretty great, but, like she said, I couldn't quite agree that her picks were the best games we own. So, here's my top 3 picks for favorite games.

1. Munchkins

Munchkins, from Steve Jackson Games, is a parody game in which you play characters who are fighting their way through a dungeon (or space dungeon...or a zombie invasion...or the Wild West...etc.). As you play, you collect all sorts of wacky weapons and armor that help you fight the monsters and enemies you run into along the way. The original game is a spoof of old fantasy tropes like you'd find in games like Dungeons & Dragons, so you can become an elf wizard with a "Staff of Napalm" or a halfling thief who wears the "Buckler of Swashing" to fight monsters like a Gelatinous Octohedron. D&D references not really your speed? No problem! Pick up one of the 9 billion expansions that are themed around any number of different nerd genres like superhero adventures, classic monster movies, or Apocalypse/natural disaster events. It's all hilarious and snarky and great.

2. Nuns on the Run

Can you honestly tell me that this game doesn't sound great just from the name? I thought not. Nuns on the Run has some really fun gameplay, where you play either as one of the young novices in a nunnery who are up past curfew, trying to find their Secret Wish, or as the grumpy old Abbess or Prioress who are chasing them around, trying to get the girls back to their cells. It's a hidden movement game, where the movements of the novices are kept secret from the Abbess and Prioress until they came face to face! It's a fun sort of stress, like being part of a scary movie playing out around you (or at least that's how Shannon described it. I wouldn't know, since I'm not a big fan of scary movies).

3. Castle Panic

This is another great, versatile game with lots of expansions available. The game is simple to learn, and can be played in a bunch of different modes like cooperative, player-versus-player, or even solo! It can be surprisingly challenging at times, even if you've played it a lot, and I really love how it never plays exactly the same way twice.

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