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Updated: Dec 2, 2019

We all know about the rarely-kept "resolutions" for the new year, but behind the ineffective tradition lies a lot of potential. Setting specific, attainable goals for the upcoming year is something I love helps me reflect over the past year, and create a vision for the coming one.

Usually I keep my goals pretty quiet, because I dream big and don't always achieve the lofty goals I set for myself. But this year, I want to be a bit more open (more on that later) and share my vision with you!

My vision for 2018 consists of 4 major goals, and my 1 word for the year. My goals fall into 4 different categories: 1 goal for my business, 1 goal for my personal life, 1 dream that's a bit out of reach, and 1 wellness goal. It's hard to pick just one, because I end up brainstorming dozens of things I'd like to work on. But I've found that if I set too many goals, my focus is spread too thin, and it becomes more about checking boxes than growing.

My 1 word is inspired by Ali Edwards' "One Little Word" project that she began in 2011 (more on Ali and her project here). I started doing this in 2017 (my word for this year was "joy"), and absolutely loved I'm continuing on into 2018.

So let's dive in!

Here are my goals for 2018:

1. For My Business

My 2018 goal for DeBord Studios is to clean up my financial records and set good bookkeeping practices moving forward. I happen to have a good head for numbers, but unfortunately I took a lot of theoretical math classes in college, and not much practical math (bummer for future me!). I have pretty good records for my business for the past couple years, but I also know there's a lot I'm missing or haven't recorded properly. I'm hoping to take the next year and spend some time with a bookkeeper, clean up any errors in my current records, and establish better processes moving forward.

2. For My Personal Life

This one was tough for me to pick just one, because I have a few things I'd really like to focus on for the upcoming year. Ultimately, however, I realized that a lot of these goals were naturally folded into a larger one: buying a house. We're gearing up to work very hard to make that happen in 2018, and it's very attainable if we put in the effort. Buying a house will help us feel a bit more settled, instead of always wondering when we'll be moving yet again because of housing costs. 2017 was a rough year in terms of moving from home to home (we moved twice in a span of 3 months!), and I think both J and I will be very appreciative of some stability in that area of our lives. In addition, owning a home will help my business in a variety of ways, and will ultimately lead to more time to spend with J (which was another goal I was contemplating for 2018).

3. My Wellness Goal

This one is always tough for me. I always tend to set lofty goals about my health in the start of the year, work hard at them for about 2 weeks, and then drop off because I hate fitness and I love chocolate.

This year, I'm focusing hard on just ONE goal, so that I can hopefully stick with it and improve my wellness. My goal this year is to fix my eating habits. This doesn't sound very measurable (a MUST for any goal you set!), but it consists of a few action items that are 100% measurable and will lead to achieving this goal:

--I will drink 5 32-oz bottles of water per day

--I'm going to do 3 short-term elimination diets: One each for sugar, gluten, and red meat. They're each going to last 2 weeks, and then I'm going to incorporate these back into my system to see how they affect my health. I want to better understand how types of food affect my well-being, and then help create a healthy lifestyle with that knowledge.

--I'm going to eat the proper amount (instead of waiting until 2pm to eat "breakfast", or eating chocolate for lunch, or drinking 7 cups of coffee and calling that "eating" for the day)

4. My Slightly-Out-Of-Reach Dream

It's good to dream big, even if you know your dreams are unattainable for the moment. I love the idea of having a big dream included in my annual goals, just to remind me of where I'm heading and what I'm working for. My big dream for 2018 is to be able to quit my part-time job and work solely for myself.

I'll bet most of you didn't even know I had a part-time job haha! Well I do, and while I've really appreciated having it this year, I really have no passion for office work. I've been so grateful for this remote position, and wouldn't have been able to grow DeBord Studios without it's side-income! But I also dream every day of having those extra hours to have some space to grow, rest, dream, and achieve. There are a lot of steps to work toward achieving this dream, and I'm going to continue knocking down those markers until I finally achieve this one!

My One Little Word

I'm super excited about my one word for 2018: OPEN

While I don't know everything this word is going to come to mean to me over the next 365 days, I'm so excited to spend the year focusing on it. I want to get more comfortable with sharing about myself and my life. I want to be more open to change, and the new challenges and/or new joy it may bring. I want to be more open in trusting people without forcing them to earn it first. I want to be more open to God's voice in my life. I want to let go of my fear and be open to life's adventures.

I actually joined Ali's workshop for 2018, and I'm SO excited to see what kinds of prompts and printables she shares to add a bit more structure to my One Little Word meditations this year!

Let's be friends! Share what your goals are for 2018 in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram.

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